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'After Sylvia' to be Performed in Berlin in October

The song cycle by Odaline de la Martínez, After Sylvia, will be performed this October 12-15th by British soprano Nadine Benjamin at the Villa Elisabeth in Berlin.

“Waiting for Gertrud or the Meeting of the 100 Child Prodigies” deals with the content and discourse of the song creations of 100 female composers from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Wrongly forgotten, female composers are hailed as child prodigies during their lifetime, but do not find their way into the canon of music history.

The negation of the artistic abilities of female composers has a long tradition and continues to have an impact today. The evening examines the reasons for this and organizes the discourse. Taking up the idea of ​​the contentious salon, an ephemeral archive of songs of all genres and languages ​​is created, transcultural and cross-stylistic.

How can we understand the artistic work of female composers as a fundamental part of classical music and not as a gender-specific exception? The FUCK MARRY KILL team is re-examining the musical past and the artistic future.

Featuring: Singing / co-creation: Nadine Benjamin, Amber Fasquelle, Milena Knauss, Simone Riksman Acting / co-creation: Mareike Hein Piano / co-creation: Lana Bode Girls' choir of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin Director: Teresa Reiber Equipment: Margarethe Mast Dramaturgy: Marion Meyer Production management: Sophie Beck Assistant director: Nora Vladiguerov Production assistant: Emily Siedler

Organiser: FUCK MARRY KILL in cooperation with the Kultur Büro Elisabeth. Funded by the Capital Culture Fund and the Rudolf Augstein Foundation.

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