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Odaline de la Martínez

is published by

Composers Edition 

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Sister Aimee: An American Legend (1978-1983) [90']

Mezzo Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, SATB Chorus, Strings, Brass Quintet 

Premiered at Tulane University in April 1984 to celebrate the University's 150th anniversary. The UK premiere was held at the Royal College of Music in London in June 1987, and the work was also performed at Marin County College, California in 1995.

Imoinda: A Story of Love and Slavery (2006-2018) [1'45']

Complete trilogy premiered in February-March 2019 at the The Warehouse, London, as part of the 7th London Festival of American Music. The operas can be performed individually or as one.

Part I: Imoinda (2006) [45']

Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, 2 Tenors, Baritone, Mixed Voice ensemble SATB, Strings, 4 Percussionists

A video of selected scenes from Imoinda was filmed in 2015 with an Opera America Grant for Female Composers.

Part II: The Crossing (2013) [28']                      

Soprano, Tenor, SATB Chorus, Strings, 3 Percussionists

Commissioned and premiered by Tulane University in 2014 with the Xavier University Choir and soloists of the Louisiana Philharmonic. The UK premiere was held in November 2014 at the 6th London Festival of American Music, performed by Eclectic Voices and Lontano Ensemble.


Part III: Plantation (2018) [37']

Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, SATB Ensemble, Strings, 4 Percussionists

Premiered at the 7th London Festival of American Music in 2019 by the Lontano Ensemble, soloists and Festival vocal ensemble.

Chamber Music


Litanies (1981)

Harp, Flute, String Trio                    

Premiered by Lontano at the Wigmore Hall in London, 1981, and broadcast by the BBC. Premiered in the US by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble. Also pefrormed as part of the Irish Lontano tour in 1987.

00:00 / 14:34

Suite for Cello and Cor Anglais (1982)

Cello, Cor Anglais

Commissioned and premiered by the McGrath duo at St George’s Hanover Square in London in June 1982.

Canciones (1983)        

Voice, Percussion, Piano                

Commissioned and premiered by Janis Kelly and Simon Limbrick with Timothy Barrett at the Wigmore Hall in May 1983. Toured with Lontano for Eastern Arts (UK), in Canada, and broadcast by the CBC. 

Canciones: 'Backwater'
00:00 / 03:11
Canciones: 'Song of the Rider'
00:00 / 03:21
Canciones: 'It's True'
00:00 / 02:21
Canciones: 'Farewell'
00:00 / 01:26

String Quartet (1984)

String Quartet

Commissioned by the Roth Quartet with funds from The Arts Council of Great Britain and premiered by them at the Purcell Room in January 1985.

Cantos de amor (1985)  

Soprano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano        

Commissioned by Chester Festival and premiered by Domus in July 1985. Subsequently performed by Lontano at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Berlin and at St John's Smith Square in London. US premiere held at Merkin Hall in New York City in 1990.

Cantos de amor: 'I've Seen Her'
00:00 / 02:40
Cantos de amor: 'A World'
00:00 / 04:23
Cantos de amor: 'What is Poetry?'
00:00 / 02:14
Cantos de amor: 'Interlude'
00:00 / 01:47
Cantos de amor: 'It Could Not Be'
00:00 / 03:37

Four Afrocuban Poems (2021)

Mezzo Soprano, String Quartet

Cuban Dances (2021)  

Flute (Alto Flute), Oboe, Clarinet (Bass Clarinet), Cello

A Capella


A Capella


Misa breve afrocubana (1975)          

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass                                       

Revised version of an earlier work. Originally premiered by the Choir of Palo Verde High School in Tucson, Arizona in 1966. The revised version was performed by the Choir of the Royal Academy of Music, London, conducted by Michael Procter in 1975.


A las cinco de la tarde (1972/2018)               

3 Sopranos, 2 Altos, 2 Tenors, 3 Basses

Based on a poem of the same title by Federico García Lorca. Performed by the Choir of the Royal Academy of Music, London, 1972, conducted by Michael Procter, and revised in 2018.


O Absalom (1977)    

Countertenor, 2 Tenors, Baritone, Bass

Premiered by the Michael Procter Consort at the Seven Oaks Festival in May 1977.


Two American Madrigals (1978)    


On two poems by Emily Dickinson. Commissioned for the Cork International Choral and Folk Dance Festival in 1978 by the Ruth Drady Memorial Trust, and premiered by the Oxford Schola Cantorum. Recorded by the BBC Singers for BBC Radio 3.


Choir and Piano


Home I Want to Go Home (2024) [3']     

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Piano     


Choir and Ensemble


Psalmos (1977)      

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Brass Quintet, Timpani, Electric Organ      

Premiered at Western Washington University in November 1977. UK premiere held at St John’s Smith Square in London by the choir of the University of Surrey.


Choir and String Orchestra      


The Crossing (2013) [28']

Soprano, Tenor, SATB Chorus, Strings, 3 Percussionists 

From the opera, Imoinda. Commissioned and premiered by Tulane University in 2014, with Xavier University Choir and soloists of the Louisiana Philharmonic. UK premiere held in November 2014 at the 6th London Festival of American Music, performed by Eclectic Voices and Lontano.

Choir & Ensemble
Choir & String Orchestra
Home I Want to Go Home
00:00 / 03:08
Choir & Piano


String Orchestra

Five Russian Songs (1987)                     

Soprano, String Orchestra        

Commissioned by the Covent Garden Festival with funds from London Arts and premiered by the London Chamber Symphony in September 1987.

Four Afrocuban Poems (2021)                     

Mezzo Soprano, String Orchestra



Suite from 'Imoinda' (2018)                     

2 fls, 2 obs, 2cls, 2 bsn, 2 hns, 4 percs, strings

Funded with a grant from the Cintas Foundation

Solos & Duos


Little Piece (1975) [3']

Solo flute    

Premiered by Judith Pearce at Dartington Summer School in 1976. Performed in Israel and broadcast in New Zealand by Ingrid Culliford.


EOS for Solo Organ (1976)    

Organ, Assistant   

Premiered by Susan Heath at St Bride’s Church, London and performed at Coventry Cathedral.


After Sylvia (1976)             

Soprano, Piano    

On poems by Sylvia Plath. Premiered at the ISME Festival in Montreaux, Switzerland. Broadcast by the BBC. Performed and broadcast in Romania and Belgrade, Yugoslavia. US Premiere held in 2018 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Also performed in 2019 at Florida International University, Miami, and by North/South Consonance at Christ & St Stephen's Church in New York City.

A Moment’s Madness (1977)    

Flute, (Inside the) Piano        

Premiered at Carnegie Recital Hall, New York, by Lyn McLarin and Jonathan Rutherford in November 1977. UK Premiere at the Purcell Room by Ingrid Culliford. Broadcast by Radio Beograd.

Improvisations (1977)    

Solo Violin            

Premiered in October 1978 at the Istanbul Arts Festival. UK premiere at a SPNM concert in 1980 by Irvine Arditi.

Improvisations: 'Apasionado'
00:00 / 04:13
Improvisations: 'Rustico'
00:00 / 01:40
Improvisations: 'Triste'
00:00 / 04:09

Color Studies (1978)    

Solo Piano

Commissioned by Eleanor Alberga with funds from the Arts Council of England and premiered by her at Southbank Centre's Purcell Room, London.

Color Studies: I
00:00 / 03:52
Color Studies: II
00:00 / 03:30
Color Studies: III
00:00 / 01:25
Color Studies: IV
00:00 / 04:33

Asonancias (1982)

Solo Violin

Commissioned by Sophie Langdon and premiered by her at the Purcell Room in London. Broadcast by the BBC World Service and BBC Radio 3.

Asonancias: 'Con bravura'
00:00 / 03:20
Asonancias: 'Osessivo e ritmico'
00:00 / 01:49
Asonancias: 'Tenerosamente'
00:00 / 03:16

Hansen Variations (1999)

Solo Piano

Commissioned by the Music Department of Tulane University and premiered there by Daniel Weilbaecher Jr. that year.

Short and Sweet (2021)

Solo Marimba

Commissioned by the Royal Academy of Music as part of 200 works commissioned to celebrate their bicentenary.

Short and Sweet
00:00 / 02:27
Electronic Works


Hallucination (1975) 

Electronic Tape 

Premiered at the Salzburg Seminar for Contemporary American Music in April 1976.


Visions and Dreams (1977-78)

Electronic Tape

Premiered at the University of Hawaii and performed at the 1978 International Computer Music Conference of Chicago, and at various American universities.


Lamento (1979)  

Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Bass (all amplified), Tape

Premiered by Electric Phoenix at St John's Smith Square in London in 1979, and performed in Holland and at the University of York.


Three Pieces for Percussion and Electronics (1980)

Percussion, Tape Delay

Commissioned and premiered by James Wood, with funds provided by the Eastern Arts Association, at the Wells-on-Sea Arts Centre, and peformed again at the Purcell Room, London.

Early Works


Five Imagist Songs (1974)

Soprano, Clarinet, Piano      

Premiered at the Kelso Festival in Scotland by soprano, Sarah Mosely, and clarinetist, Rory Allam, with the composer at the piano.

Phasing (1975)                                 

Chamber Orchestra, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Divided Strings

Premiered by the Manson Ensemble at the RAM. Also performed at the Zagreb Music Biennale and at the University of Surrey.

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